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Rogers Art Loft Welcomes Playwright and Performer Anton Dudley for First Virtual Artist-in-Residency of 2021

The Rogers Art Loft at The Lucy, a multi-disciplinary artist-in-residency program dedicated to inclusivity, originality, and empowerment of artists, kicks off the new year by welcoming playwright and performer Anton Dudley as its first artist-in-residence of 2021. Beginning their four-week residency virtually from Brooklyn, NY on Jan. 11, 2021, Dudley’s work with Rogers Art Loft will include the writing and performance of a cabaret for his alter ego titled The Duchess Carpathia Bouffray, Alternative FAQS. 

A playwright, director and librettist for both opera and musical theater, Dudley will engage with the Las Vegas community in creative exploration throughout the course of the residency and will offer three, free virtual events including an Artist Talk, Virtual Studio Visit and Final Performance. 

Artist Talk – January 20 at 6 p.m.
Attendees will get to know more about Anton Dudley and his multifaceted talents as he leads a lively conversation on Zoom about their artistic practice.  Registration is free. To sign up, visit

Studio Visit – January 22 at 2 p.m. on Instagram @rogersartloft
Join Anton Dudley for a virtual look into his studio, where he is busy creating new material for his alter ego The Duchess Carpathia Bouffray.  During the studio visit, Dudley will share two original songs for the Duchess’ upcoming show ALTERNATIVE FAQS, as well as his process of birthing this larger-than-life character.

Final Performance – January 29 at 6 p.m.
In this hour-long musical cabaret adventure, The Duchess Carpathia Bouffray recounts her fall from royalty and circumstances of her current quarantine in the bathroom of a Las Vegas hotel, all while trying to answer FAQs about her immigrant, political, and sexual status, as she awaits the outcome of a coup in her home country of Kaftanada. Registration is free. To sign up, visit
NOTE: Be advised that this show may contain mature language and concepts

“We are very excited to start the new year with such a creative and dynamic performance artist,” said Ryan Reid, Residency Director. “Anton will most certainly deliver a surge of creativity to his work while in residency. We can’t wait to discover more about his larger-than-life alter ago.” 

Since launching with its inaugural roster of artists in 2019, The Rogers Art Loft at The Lucy, has welcomed numerous artists from a variety of disciplines and locations to share their creative insight and practice with the Las Vegas community. Even throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, The Rogers Art Loft maintained its steadfast commitment to the support of the arts and artists and successfully pivoted to a virtual format. 

Recently, the Rogers Art Loft celebrated the completion of its inaugural year with a series of Year One Retrospective virtual events including, a gallery exhibition tour, artist roundtable, performance screening and a video recap showcasing the many highlights from the first full year. The video can be seen by visiting

In addition to Dudley, The Rogers Art Loft is set to welcome seven additional artists in 2021. Adhering with the appropriate health and safety directives of the time, the Artist-in-Residency program will continue either virtually or in-person. Upcoming artists in 2021 include: Zhiwan Cheung, Christopher Salvito and Nicoletta Favari, Jean Fineberg, Susannah Bielak, Mitsu Salmon, and Mariana Newhard.

While participating in the multi-disciplinary Rogers Art Loft program, each artist prepares and offers an introductory Artist Talk event and a Culmination Exhibition – either live or virtually and engages the community in an element that is paramount to their work. Each artist residency opportunity is approximately four-six weeks long, depending on artist’s needs and art practices.  If appropriate based on safety and health, Artist-In-Residency participants are lodged in the Rogers Art Loft residence at The Lucy, designed by Cindy Reid. Additionally, all the visiting artists are provided with access to the new Rogers Art Gallery studio space nearby to work and to hold exhibitions. 

The brainchild of local philanthropist and patron of the arts Beverly Rogers, the Rogers Art Loft is made possible by The Rogers Foundation, dedicated to transforming lives through arts and education in Southern Nevada.

For more information and to learn more about each artist, sign up for the Rogers Art Loft email blast at www.rogersartloft.comand follow on Facebook and Instagram.


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