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Rogers Art Loft Welcomes Nicoletta Favari And Christopher Salvito

The Rogers Art Loft at The Lucy, a multi-disciplinary artist-in-residency program dedicated to inclusivity, creativity, and empowerment of artists, welcomes pianist Nicoletta Favari and percussionist Christopher Salvito of Passepartout Duo for a seven-week artist-in-residency through February 28, 2022. Passepartout Duo makes music that escapes categorization. The duo’s ongoing travel around the world informs the multi-disciplinary collaborations, instrumental compositions, and evocative music videos that constitute their body of work. While in Las Vegas, the twosome will explore the modalities of how people listen to and connect with music and different mediums. Passepartout Duo will host an Artist Talk on Thursday, Jan. 20 at 6 p.m. a community event with a sound-based workshop on Thursday, Feb 3 at 5 p.m. and will offer a culminating event for the community on Thursday, Feb 24 at 6 p.m. All events are free to attend and will take place at Rogers Studio Gallery (620 S. 7th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101). Refreshments will be provided by PublicUs. To ensure the health and safety of all, RSVP’s are encouraged and all attendees must provide proof of vaccination to attend. Face masks must be properly worn except when eating or drinking.

Artist Talk – Thursday, Jan 20 at 6 p.m. at Rogers Studio GalleryPassepartout Duo will share a presentation of their past six years of work together. The duo has focused on different musical projects that connect between different mediums, both audio and visual. Passepartout Duo will discuss their working process in-depth, their interdisciplinary collaborations with other artists, and show videos of their performances. The talk will end with a Q & A, and participants can opt for receiving a playlist in their inbox with music that has inspired the duo so far. RSVP here to attendCommunity Event and Workshop – Thursday, Feb 3 at 5 p.m. at Rogers Studio GalleryThe sound-based workshop takes the form of a communal realization of Passepartout Duo’s Splintered Landscapes series. Participants will be invited to record sound on their personal devices (any phone or recording apparatus) according to prompts given by Nicoletta & Christopher. Once at the workshop, each participant will record to tape their pre-recorded sounds. Everyone will have a chance to hear each original recording, and how the sound changes through the process. Once every cassette has been recorded, the tape will be cut up by the participants, a process that can leave room for experimentation. A section of the workshop will be dedicated to discussing how magnetic tape works and how to create tape splices. The next step is for participants to attempt the reassembling, either of the single cassette or combining between cassettes. The workshop will end by reading the tapes and shaping a unique track. RSVP here to attend the community workshop.Culminating Event – Thursday, Feb. 24 at 6 p.m. at Rogers Studio GalleryJoin Passepartout Duo for the culmination of their residency project. The two musicians will highlight their experimentation with clay and explore the ways in which this material can become a conveyor of and medium for sound. They will also share a performance using clay objects, recordings, electronic systems, and other ideas derived from their interdisciplinary process. RSVP here to attend the culminating event.

About Passepartout DuoPassepartout Duo takes a from-scratch approach with their musical endeavors – DIY instruments play a central role in their discographic releases. The group’s 2020 LP release, called Vis-à-Vis, features compositions written for a portable handmade instrumentation that accompanied the duo during a month-long train journey across Central Asia. The project was started during a residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists in 2019 (CH), and the album was produced during their residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in 2019/2020 (CN). Their most recent release, called Daylighting (2021), focused on a suite of synthesizers that combine textiles and analog circuits.A residency at AIR Niederösterreich (AT) also provided the duo with time to write new music for acoustic piano and synthesizer, using the Ernst Krenek Institut’s Buchla 100 Series to record their EP titled Epigrams.The group’s Sound Envelopes project, featuring electronic musical postcards that connect people and places through sound, was presented at the Nakanojo Biennale in 2019 (JP). The duo’s debut EP, a collaborative project with visual artists Yumo Wu and Yannis Zhang (CN), took inspiration from a small fishing village in the north of Iceland, called Ólafsfjörður (2018).The ensemble has also performed at prominent music festivals like Rewire (NL), the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival (US), the Festival de La Habana de Música Contemporánea (CU), the Sounding Now Festival (SG), the Summartónar Festival (FO), and the Dark Music Days Festival (IS).The brainchild of local philanthropist and patron of the arts Beverly Rogers, the Rogers Art Loft is made possible by The Rogers Foundation, dedicated to transforming lives through arts and education in Southern Nevada.For more information and to learn more about each artist, sign up for the Rogers Art Loft email blast at and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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