Monday, October 2, 2023
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Gabi’s Gorditas brings a healthier way to eat Latin comfort food to southwest Las Vegas

Gabi’s Gorditas, a unique new twist on what a fast-casual, Latin dining experience can be, is set to open its doors in the heart of Southwest Las Vegas on Friday, June 25. Conceived by culinary veteran Alfredo Delatorre, Gabi’s Gorditas was founded with the objective of changing the idea of what Latin cuisine can be and how it can impact our lives. Highlighting an array of eclectic, non-traditional ingredients from around the globe, Gabi’s Gorditas showcases the mouth-watering flavors that have made the gordita, a traditional Latin pastry filled with anything from cheese to meat to potatoes, a staple in Latin cuisine, while promoting healthy living.   
Influenced by Delatorre’s childhood trips into Mexico and a recent experience with family member’s battle with cancer, Gabi’s Gorditas aims to combine the integrity and culture of Latin cuisine with high-quality, non-GMO ingredients from around the world.
 “As a child who grew up in Texas, I have so many fond memories of traveling to Mexico with my family and experiencing the traditional gordita,” said Delatorre. “A recent experience with a family member’s battle with cancer has left a lasting impression on me and shown the influence of food and what it can do to our bodies. With Gabi’s Gorditas, we’re here to prove you can create a more healthful dining experience using fresh, unique and often organic ingredients, without sacrificing the flavor of Latin cuisine.”
Featuring hand-made, flour tortillas and fresh ingredients, the Gabi’s Gorditasmenu includes layers of flavors from around Latin America, including Nopaleswith grilled cactus, house-made pickled corn, picked red onions and fresh avocado garnished with oven-dried tomatoes, jicama strings, avocado salsa and crema; Colorado Pork Loin with chili Colorado sauce, Peruvian beans, spicy Latin Giardiniera and fresh Cotija; Tuna Poke with fresh Ahi Tuna, sesame soy ginger cactus, cucumber, edamame, spicy Latin Giardiniera, avocado salsa and tostones chips; Tinga de Pollo with shredded chicken that has been brined for 24 hours, onion and chipotle tomato sauce garnished by pickled cabbage, queso fresco, avocado salsa and pickled red onion.
Quench your thirst with Gabi’s Gorditas’ house-made Mint Lemonade or thePurple Haze with Ube, almond milk, coconut milk, pickled berries and toasted coconut. Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy homemade Fruit Roll-Ups with seasonal, fresh fruit and agave.


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