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Dropit Announces Expansion of Brookfield Properties Partnership with Curbside Pickup

Dropit today announced the launch of a partnership with leading retail real estate services company, Brookfield Properties. Dropit is a one of a kind digital platform that enables retailers and shopping malls to utilize stores as distribution points and meet their shared customer expectations at every touch point. Beginning today, Sept. 15, Dropit Curbside Pickup will be available at select Brookfield Properties locations, including Fashion Show Las Vegas, allowing the centers to create a safe, simplified and convenient shopping experience for communities in these key markets.

Brookfield Properties is introducing Dropit Curbside Pickup at no cost to tenants or shoppers at two locations; Fashion Show in Las Vegas and Denver’s Park Meadows. Additional locations being considered for launch will be announced in 2021. Through the program, consumers will receive free curbside pickup from a wide range of Brookfield Properties’ retail partners including Abercrombie & Fitch, Cariloha Bamboo, Coach, Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers, Holister & Co., Kappa Toys, White House Black Market, Guess, among others. Dropit will leverage its fulfillment capabilities to drive the Dropit Curbside Pickup program for its partners. This will create an easy to implement solution for retail partners to efficiently fulfill orders and allow brands to optimize their stock to meet the needs of local shoppers. Further to this, in-store employees will not be taken away from their standard duties in order to coordinate and deliver products.

Dropit was founded in 2016 by Karin Cabili. One of the main principles that Dropit was founded on is understanding the value of the network effect; being a part of a retail community in order to optimize processes and costs and give a better shopper experience. Of the partnership, Dropit CEO and Founder Karin Cabili says, “We are delighted to be partnering with Brookfield Properties as we expand further into the US market.

Our partnership with Brookfield demonstrates the multifaceted and far-reaching benefits of Dropit for both our retail partners as well as shoppers.” She continued, “As both navigate these uncertain times, many retailers are also dealing with a complicated stock allocation guessing game, forcing retailers to pay high shipping costs in order to deliver products from their warehouses to their customers as quickly as possible. Dropit allows its partners to make the most of their stock and more easily fulfill orders while ensuring that consumers are able to safely and conveniently shop. By encouraging our partners to champion the network effect and see the value in community over competition, Dropit’s ambition is to ensure that online and bricks and mortar retail and co-exist together and thrive.”

Having first launched Dropit’s Handsfree Shopping service at Fashion Show in November 2019, the introduction of Dropit Curbside Pickup further strengthens the relationship between Dropit and Brookfield Properties as well as Dropit’s larger expansion across the US. Dropit Handsfree is an app-based service that enables users to ‘drop as they shop’. The service gives shoppers greater flexibility in how they spend their day and journey choices, while providing a safe, secure and affordable shopping experience. A one day Dropit pass in the app allows shoppers to have unlimited drops in unlimited stores at partner locations, combining in one convenient and affordable delivery with minimal contact.

Of the most recent curbside launch, Jeff Cloud, Director of Digital Platforms at Brookfield Properties, says“In the wake of the pandemic, the desire for contactless, curbside shopping services has grown exponentially. This partnership with Dropit allows for an experience that aligns with the times that we’re living in for our shoppers, but also aids our retailers as they meet the growing expectations for alternative methods of shopping and order fulfilment. We are eager to offer this service at two of our premier centers, Fashion Show and Park Meadows, and look forward to exploring the possibility of expanding the platform throughout our portfolio of properties.”

To access Dropit’s Curbside Pickup service at the select Brookfield Properties locations, shoppers can simply order online or via phone from their favorite stores and will be able to coordinate a quick and easy pickup without getting out of their car.


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