Culinary Road Trip Closes out 2019 With A Holiday Experience at Triple George Grill
Culinary Road Trip (Triple George Grill)

With 2019 destinations that have included Savannah, Cabo San Lucas, Salem, and Santa Fe (to name a few) Freedom Beat’s Culinary Road Trip, curated by Chef Scott Commings, has served 1,500 regionally-inspired meals over its first three years. To celebrate this historic run of tasty excursions, Chef Scott is once again collaborating with Triple George Grill’s Chef Rhori Kow and taking his guests home for the holidays on Thursday, December 12th with a menu guaranteed to deliver all the cozy feels of a winter family feast. $65 tickets on sale now!

This intimate monthly dinner series designed to be family-style and interactive (normally limited to 25 guests inside Freedom Beat), has again been extended to 90 guests inside Triple George Grill to ensure there’s plenty of leg room for all of the loyal travelers who have made multiple road trips with Chef Scott this year. 

“This started off as just a fun way to expose Las Vegas to some of my favorite cuisines from across the country,” notes Commings, “but it has turned into this incredibly personal experience for myself and the guests. It has become a very family-like event and where I’m from, there’s only one place to go with your family for the holidays, and that’s back home. I’m grateful to have Chef Kow help me close out another successful year of delicious destinations.” 

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