Monday, October 2, 2023
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Brookfield Properties Teams Up with Dropit to Double Down on Customer Experience and Convenience

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Dropit, the leader in handsfree shopping, and Brookfield Properties, the global real estate services company, have joined forces as Brookfield Properties continue to emphasize customer experience and convenience. The property company will launch Dropit at Fashion Show, its flagship retail destination in Las Vegas. Dropit offers a tech-enabled handsfree shopping and delivery service that makes it easier, more comfortable and more flexible to shop in stores. It alters how consumers think about the practicalities and pleasures of shopping in the emerging era of entertainment and leisure retail.

“Providing guests with maximum convenience is an important priority for us, and Dropit will benefit everyone,” said Michelle Snyder, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Brookfield Properties. “Fashion Show is an iconic retail destination located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip that draws a considerable amount of tourists and local residents, alike. Tourists will appreciate the ability to enjoy the Las Vegas experience without carrying shopping bags, and local residents will be able to grab something during their day with the benefit of having purchases delivered to their homes. We look forward to the Dropit service enhancing the Fashion Show customer experience.”

The mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn C. Goodman, commented, “Las Vegas is known as one of the top shopping destinations in the world, so it only makes sense for Dropit to expand here. We are thrilled to have additional services available for our visitors and residents.”

“I agree with recent comments by the National Retail Federation that the industry’s winners will be those that invest in convenience and efficient supply chains,” said Karin Cabili, Founder and CEO of Dropit. “With the launch of Dropit at Fashion Show, Brookfield Properties is giving shoppers the means to make the most of their day, while helping retailers better serve their most valuable customers. It’s a win-win for consumers and the retail industry.”

Using Dropit is quick and intuitive. Shoppers visit any Dropit partner store within Fashion Show, shop and pay as usual, then use the Dropit app or in-store device to “drop” their bags. Any shopper can benefit, with the option to shop handsfree being as quick and simple as using a ride-hailing app. The service is ideal for Las Vegas visitors, such as tourists and conference delegates, who want to mix shopping with other activities. It’s also handy anyone for who might struggle with bags, such as parents, senior citizens, or those with disabilities. 

A Dropit Pass allows an unlimited number of bags to be dropped all day for just $15. Partner stores will accept shopping bags from other stores whenever a purchase is made, ensuring that Dropit users can enjoy handsfree shopping for their entire trip. All shopping bags are gathered by the Dropit team into a single delivery to a home, hotel or workplace in Las Vegas. This is easily tracked in the Dropit app, with live customer support available. 

Dropit delivers value for all stakeholders in the retail ecosystem, including consumers, property owners, brands, logistics providers, and employees. Malls and brands report that Dropit helps them deliver on key goals to enhance store performance, efficiency, customer experience and convenience.  More information about Dropit is available at


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